Obe George

native speaker, English teacher

My name is George ChiziObe. 

Im a native English teacher with over 5years of teaching English language. I am originally from Nigeria but finished my high school and gained my first Higher educational degree in Power Engineering at the University of Chicago USA. In 2012

Upon my Graduation in 2012, I decided to move to Russia to further my education in Management in my master degree program and I graduated in 2014 as the best graduating student of Management in the faculty engineering PFUR. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Russian Presidential Academy studying World Economics as I believe education is a continuous process and a way of developing oneself.

When I came to Russia, communication was a huge problem since everyone around me only spoke Russian language so I felt the need to teach my Russian friends English language as to enable us understand each other and communicate effectively. That was when the love for teaching English language began for me.

I have taught thousands of students for the past 5years of teaching English language from kids of 3years of age, teenagers and adults of all levels and had worked at Summer English camps, cooperate clients, private students, kindergartens and the list goes on and the results have been great.

My method of teaching is very simple.

First of all, I make the students understand that English language isnt a language that cant be learnt and that its a very easy and fun language to learn.

With kids, I mainly teach them English language through playing fun and interesting English games as to keep the lesson very lively and fun. it keep them interested and want to learn more. I use all available means of teaching such as flash cards, listening to English music or videos, phrasal verbs, English vocabularies, making then read and write more in English with more focus on making them speak. The same method goes to the adults but with more focus on English grammar and helping them speak without trying to correct them on every mistake they make as to make them feel confident and relaxed to learn the language.

Every student is different and has a different approach my job as an experienced English teacher is to find an individual approach to each student and to offer them the most interesting program.